Coastal Canine Bone Broth

Stimulate your dog’s appetite, support uncomfortable digestion, soothe itchy skin and boost overall vitality. 


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The goodness of bone broth, with the convenience of powder. Coastal Canine New Zealand beef bone broth powder is loved by even the fussiest dogs. Sprinkle on their food for an easy powder topper or mix with water for a gut-nourishing broth.

Coastal Canines bone broth is freeze-dried, not spray-dried like other powders. So all the colour, flavour and nutritional benefits have been retained and it is easily reconstituted to a natural delicious beefy broth.


  • Glycine, proline and glutamic acid support gut health and common allergy symptoms

  • Collagen nourishes dry skin, promotes strong nails and a shiny coat

  • Protein supports energy and vitality

  • Electrolytes promote hydration

  • Mild beef flavour is perfect for picky eaters and upset tummies

  • Liquid bone broth is excellent to rehydrate freeze-dried food, warm up meals and soften kibble.

  • Made in New Zealand from 100% NZ ingredients.