About Us

K9 Max was formed by Georgia & Jacqui to help rehabilitate and promote wellbeing in a dog’s life, giving them a better and healthier lifestyle over all. We specialise in Canine Myofunctional Therapy – Massage (CMT) and Enrichment Walks.


There are two reasons why we are called ‘K9 Max.’

The first reason is sentimental – our old family dog who we lost early 2017 was named Max. Max was the dog that led us all to adore dogs. He taught us all the important relationship between dogs and people as he brought joy and love to everyone he met.

The second reason is the play on the word ‘K9 Max’ itself. It means that the dog will get the “max-imum” possible benefits from our services, whether it is Massage or Walking. Our services are here to promote dogs’ well-being and giving them a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Georgia has had over 6 years of experience in the pet industry, and has qualifications to back up her knowledge.

Georgia studied CMT because of her passion for dogs, knowing that it can help many different dogs, ultimately giving them a better lifestyle.

Studying Dog Psychology and Training has broadened her knowledge on dogs so she now has a deeper understanding of their behaviour, body language and why they act in the way that they do.

Georgia has also obtained her Pet First Aid qualification, ensuring your dog is safe when in K9 Max care while out on our walks especially.


Jacqui has had a variety of dogs over the years which has given her a good knowledge of different breeds and behaviour traits/temperament/exercise needs. Jacqui has trained them herself forming a close bond with the dogs, consequently all the family dogs have all become a huge part of our family.



Jo retired from her corporate job a few years ago to be able to spend more time on her passion – dogs!  Jo has owned and trained many rescue dogs and through this has gained a great understanding of canine behaviour.  She is always keen to learn more and develop her skills to better the lives of her own fur-babies and to help others with theirs.


Emma has a background in canine behaviour and training and some of you may already know her from co-running Pupsense. In Emma’s spare time, you’ll find her hanging out with her own dog Bodhi and going on lots of adventures with him. 

We will take care of your pet like none other.